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Owners of price comparison websites can now claim damages up to EUR 2.1 billion after European Commission recognized Google's anticompetitive behavior.

The EU General Court 

decision and eligibility

The EU General Court decision opened a window of opportunity for affected parties to claim their compensation for the damage caused by Google’s anti-competitive behavior. This implies that any price comparison website from the following 13 EU countries is eligible for a sizable compensation: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom (former EU member) and Norway. For potential clients based in other EU countries LitFin can also offer support on the individual case basis.

About the case

In 2017 the European Commission recognized Google’s abuse of its dominant position on the EU online market by essentially promoting its own price comparison services in their general results pages, thus damaging the competing individual websites that were providing the same type of solution. In November 2021 the European General Court dismissed most of Google’s and Alphabet’s (parent company) action (case T-612/17) aimed against the Commission’s decision and imposed a penalty on both Alphabet and Google amassing EUR 2.42 billion. The Court recognised the anticompetitive behavior that harmed competition and ruled out any objective justification of Google’s activities. Now, Google and Alphabet are filing an appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as a second attempt to overrun the penalty.

Follow-on case

As a reaction to the initial accusations, Google enabled price-comparing websites to purchase the top results space on the general results pages, thus turning its competitors to customers, essentially forcing them to change their business model. The Court dismissed Google’s claims that this change improved the situation, considering its activities still anti-competitive.

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