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Domovská stránka » News » LitFin launches the Bayer KapMuG case

LitFin launches the Bayer KapMuG case

In 2018 Bayer AG completed the acquisition of Monsanto, making one of the biggest corporate takeovers in Germany. Shortly after, Monsanto was fined by a court in California to pay 289 million dollars after a controversial case regarding the potentially carcinogenic effects of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, which caused Bayer shares to drop more than 10% in a few hours. As a result of the share crash, many investors suffered significant losses and on 15 December 2021, the Regional Court of Cologne (Germany) published the declaratory objectives of a model case motion against Bayer so that it can be established in proceedings before the Higher Regional Court of Cologne that the pharmaceutical company breached its duty to fully disclose the risks associated with the Monsanto acquisition.

Therefore, investors affected by the share crash may be entitled to claim a fair compensation for their losses, given the inappropriate practises of Bayer when it came to communicating the risks of acquiring Monsanto. For more information please visit