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About Us

LitFin is an expert in complex litigation funding, focusing on damages compensation in various antitrust cases, arbitrations, insolvency and related activities. From the position of the first company providing financial solutions for medium and large disputes in the CEE region we have become one of the major litigation funders in the EU.

We enable our clients to finance their claims and therefore increase access to justice. LitFin bears all the costs associated with the recovery process, including the costs of economic analysis and court fees, in exchange for a minority portion from the successful outcome.

We work on a non-recourse basis – if the claim is not successful, we do not receive anything. Hence, the burden of financial risk lays purely upon us.

We are LitFin.
Cooperation with us brings benefits.

Stronger negotiating position

Having a funder on your side who has objectively examined the merits of the case and is prepared to invest the necessary capital motivates the other party to enter into a settlement agreement.

Zero costs and eliminating of financial risk

Our clients do not have to pay costly litigation from their own pockets.

Accounting benefits

Once the financing of the dispute has been approved, the costs and any liabilities associated with the pursuit of the claim can be effectively transferred to a third party. At this point, the claimant may consider the dispute to be a potential asset rather than a liability.

Our Core Values


Implementing functional mechanisms


Not hiding anything


Adapting the strategy


Working with specialists


Cultivating relationships